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New Scooter? First Things First

Welcome to your new whip. Before you begin, buy a helmet, these aren't toys. Now that is out of the way here is what you need to know, when breaking in your NF Scooter.

Priming the battery. If you are up to date on breaking in a Lithium-ion battery you are a head of the game if not, read on. For best practice in battery charging visit NF Scooters uses Lithium-ion 51.8V/12AH Type E-Bike Battery Packs. Here you will find all the information that we follow. But to summarize we will describe how we 'prime' our battery.

We start our journey with a fully charged battery, once your charger reads a 'green' indication light you are ready to scoot. Your first ride should be smooth and easy and should be about a 3 miles round trip. (the tough part to remember is try not to go 'full throttle') Note: It's best to avoid hills. Once the first ride is complete let the battery cool for about 15 minutes and plug it in for a full charge. This process will be repeated

5 or 6 times with a progressive millage added each time.

Your second trip out should be 5 or 6 miles round trip and back home to charge.

Your third trip out should be 8-10 miles out and back home to charge. I think you are starting to get it. What happens after the 6 and 7th time? Good Question: These rides you will want to ride the battery through it's complete charge. Once the battery has depleted let cool and give it a full charge. Note: It is never a good idea to ride the battery dry...Meaning, DO NOT TURN THE POWER OFF and then On only to ride out the small charge produced. Batteries hate this. You have a good chance of putting into a deep state of non recovery mode.

NF Scooter Charging

If you have any questions we would love to answer them for you. So don't hesitate to ask.

For instance, Once the battery is primed is it alright to charge it after every ride?

DID YOU KNOW. When plugging in to charge follow these steps.

1. Plug the Charger Port into the Scooter Port

2. Insert the Charger Plug into the Main Source Outlet

Red Light Indicates Charging

Green Light Indicates Fully Charged

3. Reverse the order when Unplugging.


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