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NF Scooters is proud to bring you our cornerstone product, the adult sized urban kick bike. This is about getting around faster, and more efficient with a little 'tude. We understand it's for people wanting to get from point A to point B quickly. This is for the 9-to-5ers wanting to cross town and get to work with no traffic problems. The urban kick bike is a game changer when it comes to alternate transportation, no bus fares, bike sweats, and wrong way Uber driver anymore. It will certainly leave you looking better, feeling charged and smiling when you get there.

Once you are up and scootin' you will feel the difference between us and the competition, comfort was a top priority when producing the UKB-3 with the adjustable headset for riders any height. With a long wheelbase and front and rear disc brakes provides you with the safety that other scooters just don't offer.

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